Jaime Askew | Nutrition and Wellness Coaching

My Approach:

I currently work one-on-one with individuals and families to make healthy eating simple and sustainable as well as address specific dietary needs and health goals.

I focus on using food as well as lifestyle and behavioral changes to promote optimal health and happiness. There is no one size fits all approach because we’re all unique in almost every way.

And if you’re stuck, I will work closely with you to uncover and address what’s holding you back from looking and feeling your best.

What I Offer:

One-on-one nutrition and wellness coaching via phone or Skype. I also offer email follow-ups and check-ins for added convenience.

My Qualifications:

I’m a Certified Nutrition Consultant. I’m also a Nutrition Instructor at Bauman College as well as their Curriculum Writer. These roles in addition to my writing keep me immersed in the latest scientific research related to nutrition and wellness.

My Fees:

My initial consultation is $150. I charge $100/hour moving forward. In the beginning, I usually meet with clients for one hour every two weeks. This typically drops down to 30 minutes once a month ongoing.

Interested? Contact me today!