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The Ketogenic Diet

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(Originally written for Pure Plates) Overview The ketogenic diet, also commonly referred to as the “keto” diet, is a relatively recent nutrition trend sweeping the Internet. However, it’s been around…


Glaucoma in Dogs

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Glaucoma defines a group of eye conditions that are characterized by an elevated intraocular pressure, which typically leads to optic nerve damage. It’s a painful condition and the most common cause of blindness in dogs. What is…

salmon dinner

7 Reasons Why You Should Be Meal Planning

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(Originally written for Pure Plates) If your goal is to eat healthier to lose weight and optimize your health, then meal planning is the way to go. Hands down. In addition to…


Why You Need to Healthy Fats to Thrive

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(Originally written for Pure Plates) There’s a lot of buzz about fat in the media these days. And while dietary fat was never the leading cause of obesity and heart…

Olive oil

The Top 5 Healthiest Cooking Oils

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(Originally written for Pure Plates) Fat is an essential component to a well-balanced and nourishing diet. And cooking with healthy oils adds flavor as well as increases the absorption of fat-soluble…


Help Your Children Learn to Love Vegetables

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Do your kids throw a tantrum when you serve vegetables? If so, you’re not alone! But in all fairness, children do have sensitive palettes and a natural preference for sweets. Thus, bitter…

clean label starches

Clean Label Starches: Better for You or Just Another Bait & Switch?

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(Originally written for and posted @ Well, the answer depends on whom you ask. If you ask the food manufacturers, clean label starches are definitely a better choice over…


What’s Really in Those Sport Drinks?

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(Originally written for and posted @ I’m going to be blunt. Under no circumstances would I recommend commercial sport drinks. Period. Well, maybe if you are dehydrated (literally) and…

Whole foods

My Food Philosophy

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  As a nutrition professional, I often hear comments such as “don’t look at what I’m eating,” and “I bet you wouldn’t approve of this.” And when dining at friends’ houses, I…